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      Welcome to SYGEC

SYGEC engages the best find info minds and leading technologies to find solutions to the major challenges of our world, diligently staying abreast of developments in major industry sectors while applying our knowledge and  experience to meet our clients needs.

Our primary focus is in the areas of Consultancy, Project Development, Engineering, Construction, Healthcare, Education, Agriculture, Commodity Trading, Structured Project Finance, Socio – Economic and Community Development.

SYGEC’s strategic partners are among the worlds most forward thinking and technology advanced corporations, construction companies, healthcare and educational institutions and together we strive to add value and positively impact all stakeholders.

What We Do


SYGEC offers a wide range of professional services internationally from enabling the development of Global Infrastructure and Construction Projects, to providing Public Relations Consultancy to Humanitarian services in under served communities in Sub Saharan Africa.

At SYGEC we utilize effective communication with careful planning and execution by experienced professionals who understand people, cultural differences and how to influence their opinions and behavior. This experience contributes to our very balanced approach towards our clients challenges in the areas of Philanthropy, Public Relations and Socio-Economic Development.

SYGEC: provides tangible solutions in infrastructure development, education, vocational training & socio economic development. 
SYGEC: vision is to generate a positive global perception of developing nations with particular focus on sub Saharan Africa.