Welcome to SYGEC International

SYGEC International is dedicated to finding solutions to the challenges in our dynamic and ever changing world! 

By engaging leading technologies and the best minds, we are able to identify and target solutions. With integrity we work diligently to stay abreast of developments in the major industries and sectors. We apply our knowledge and experience to meeting our client’s needs.

Our primary focus is in the areas of Consulting, Education, Health Care, Construction, Finance, Social Economic Development, Agriculture, Commodity Trading and Philanthropy.

SYGEC International’s strategic partners are among the world’s most forward thinking technologically advanced companies and educational institutions. Together we work not only to meet, but exceed our stated goals, uphold our principles, add value and positively impact all stakeholders and society at large

What We Do

SYGEC International offers a wide range of consulting and professional services internationally, ranging from providing Finance for Global infrastructure, to establishing and staffing Medical Clinics, to Exchange Programs and Knowledge Transfer, to Corporate and Government Think Tank advisory services, to Public Relations and Media services across USA, Europe and Sub Saharan Africa.

At SYGEC we utilize effective communication in very competitive environments with careful planning and execution by experienced professionals who understand people and how to influence their opinions and behavior. This experience contributes to our very balanced approach towards our clients’ challenges.