Our Team

Yvonne Edwards


Yvonne Edwards is the CEO for SYGEC. In this role, she assumes the responsibilities of global operations across a broad and diverse geographical region, which includes United States of America, United Kingdom, India, Africa and the Caribbean.

Her experience spans 35 years in a variety of corporate leadership, consultation and senior management positions, in banking, transportation and commerce enterprises, which include, senior management at Barclays Bank International, senior management Eastern Airlines, President Jamport Travel, President All Star International Trading, Inc.

She has an extensive background in international trading of commodities, and has demonstrated a historical pattern of outstanding change management. She is well versed and accomplished, in developing relationships and partnerships with decision-makers; and leading and motivating management teams, to exceed revenue goals.

Yvonne has a working knowledge of corporate cultures across the Diaspora, which is critical to success in leveraging trading commodities, such as gold, copper, iron ore, precious metals, oil, and various consumer products, with global trading enterprises.

Yvonne’s diverse background across industry sectors has given her valuable insight in industry trends and has enabled her to grow a respected commercial business network globally, which is requisite for building and sustaining successful business commercial and trading relationships across Africa, South America, America and the Caribbean.

Malvern G. Edwards

Chief Financial Officer

Malvern Edwards is the Chief Financial Officer of SYGEC International, responsible for developing and articulating business and finance strategies; financial reporting systems; corporate finance presentations, execution drills; strategic planning and cost analysis documents, presentations and training for senior managers and executives. He provides leadership training, to enable management and finance teams to focus on the corporate short and long term business and finance strategies and recovery, including global tax, decision support and execution; partnership development and asset protection strategies and instructions.

Malvern has over 33 years’ experience in business, he has served as an international accountant for major multi-national finance organizations and as such Malvern has contributed to the growth and development and stability of many leading Companies and educational institutions such as, PRGX International, Office Depot, Callaway Partners LLC, and Clark Atlanta University. His expertise includes activities in foreign currency exchange fluctuations and currency re-measurement of cash movements between various countries. A respected member of the consulting team that completed one of the largest restatement projects in the USA for a multi- billion healthcare organization, His distinguished experience crosses diverse corporate sectors in retail, manufacturing, hospitality and tourism, education and healthcare for which he is well positioned for domestic and international consultancy.

Christopher Grey

Managing Director and International Liaison

Christopher Grey has more than 20 years’ experience in international entrepreneurship and consultancy. His various roles include; identifying and instigating viable global investments, international business consultant for trade in the Sub Saharan Africa territory, Special Advisor to NGO’s and African and Caribbean development programs, Consultant to Government ministries on corporate engagement, infrastructure and social development. Christopher is also territory analyst and consultant for international ventures, brand alignment and CSR programs for a number of major global corporations.

Born in the UK, Christopher Grey has extensive international, diplomatic and corporate relationships with a thorough understanding of the multicultural sensitivities required for diplomatic public relations within diverse Communities intent on achieving realistic objectives. Christopher is advisor and consultant to a number of international senior officials, corporate institutions and global businesses including: USA, UK, Jamaica, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Gambia, Liberia, Kenya, South Sudan, Sri Lanka.

Christopher Grey consults on a variety of international development ventures and assists in the creative marketing and awareness of those ventures enabling developing countries to maximize on national revenue, making a difference in global development and is committed to underserved community development and growth.