SYGEC is committed to the enhancement of humanity through good corporate citizenship. We endeavor to empower people in achieving their full potential while promoting a desirable environment for future generations.

SYGEC International maintains extensive support of the underserved within communities, healthcare, education, sport, global scholarships and mentor programs while providing solutions to a multitude of community social issues.

SYGEC strategically brings its far reaching global partners and client relations in all spheres of expertise to create legacy projects.

SYGEC International supports a wide array of global organizations and causes including:

LIT- Liberia Investment Trust * AFS Global - Africa Forum Scotland * Vision Plan Group USA * AYA – Aspire Youth Africa * Pride 5s Football * Captas Greyology * Make A Change Campaign * The Maiden Factor Foundation * Straight Talk Foundation * Charisma Ministries Childrens Home * Twana Twitu Childrens Home * Boresha Dada * MSIA – Mission Sustainability in Africa