SYGEC understands Agriculture as the science and practice of Plant production and Livestock rearing, therefore an important element in the sustenance of civilization. SYGEC ensures Proper management and techniques are employed for sustained production, viability and growth.

For positive impact on Agriculture in the areas of health and the economy, SYGEC pays close attention to methods of production and delivery to effectively manage the industry for socio-economic relevance.

Globally, private enterprise and governments have invested large sums in Agricultural research in their attempts to increase efficiency in production, for the realization of maximum economic gains, along with Governmental subsidies allocated to ensure the maintenance of adequate and affordable regional food supply to greatly assist in the implementation of modern techniques, applicable to crop and livestock production as utilized in competing global markets.

At SYGEC, we partner with both government and private industry in establishing guidelines for research, proper management principles, and information databases, emphasizing the Agriculture industry as an integral part of the socio-economic development of a country. Our team of experts design programs around this premise involving soil surveys, climatic conditions and crop adaptability in determining the best use of resources. Paramount in our research is the impact on Ecology, Health and Economics. Our detailed programs recommend proper scientific practices in Soil Management, Irrigation, Crop Rotation and Herding, as well as the safe handling and delivery of products.

At SYGEC we place much emphasis on assigning the right experts for each unique project.